Along with our business creed: SHINGI, our first priority had been always "Trust” from customers since the company’s foundation. We developed ourselves with responsibility and sincerity towards customers. The pile of effort is making us unique in package industries.

Shingi does planning, manufacturing and
selling a variety of food packages.


Our business

SHINGI's headoffice

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Our Business

As a Manufacturer and a trading company

We are a trading company procuring a variety of food package materials. Regarding to main products, we are also a manufacturer. In addition, we are also a sales agent company as a Japanese exclusive agency for overseas package manufacturers.

Vendor network

We have carried out “SHINGI” spirit (keep a promise with sincere behavior and fulfill our own responsibility) also in the relationship with vendors and business partners. As a result, we have connections with over 1000 suppliers and manufactures.

As a Manufacturer and a trading company


Packages Enrich your Food Life

Suggestion of beneficial foods, which enrich your food time

We make deal with a variety of industries, ranging from lunch box to dessert cups. Our concept is “Beneficial Food”. For example, Ekiben are one of the parts to make your travelling experience delightful, cakes are one of the rewards for yourselves or the way for showing your appreciation to someone or to celebrate. And in this kind of situation, packages are always important to express how special it is. We believe that FOOD has more value than just for “eating” and we help customers’ products look greater with our packages.

beneficial foods OSECHI

beneficial foods DUNI

beneficial foods EKIBEN

beneficial foods packages


Abundant knowledges and ability to make proposals


Just having networks with many manufactures is insufficient to suggest customers the best products. Salesperson in our company constantly brushing up their knowledges about vendors and characteristics of the products, and we try to suggest the best package for our customers. In addition, lots of our salespersons are qualified as a Food Packages Specialist from Japan Packaging Institute. We get motivation from the compliments by our customers; “Thanks to Shingi, we could make it happened!”

Package knowledges




Manufacturing of the custom-order products


As we have knowledges about package materials and manufacturing process as a manufacturer, we are familiar with production of the packages for customer’s planned products. Also, we can produce and supply customers packages with full of originality in the short preparation term by using 3D printers and designers we have in Tokyo and Osaka Japan.


3D printer

EKIBEN package


We also plan our own original packages. We have some hit products such as “HOT POT”, which is a unique pot-shaped container and “Kraft design paper cup”, which we printed Kraft-like design on a cup because Japanese paper manufacturers do not handle Kraft papers.




Other than daily foods, we’ve been making food for special occasions something more valuable with our packages. We supply consumers delights and memories, and customers knowledges of being familiar with the industries and trends.


    Lunch Boxes and prepared foods

    Convenience Stores and Supermarket

    Japanese or western confectioneries

    Fast Food

    Stadium and theme park

    Food service industries and hotels


    School Lunch and nursing

    Packaging Machines


If we run out of packages, customers can’t sell their products. We recognize the importance of packages and have appropriate logistics systems. In addition, we have some warehouses and do risk measures to deal with the unexpected demands changes and logistics troubles.

Reliable Delivery distribution center

logistics check

logistics delivery


Our efforts from the foundation brought us customer’s trust

We got Management Innovation Promotion Award from Japan Productivity

We got Management Innovation Promotion Award from Japan Productivity

Customer satisfaction percentage

Customer satisfaction percentage

Sympathy with our company’s philosophy in our employees’ satisfaction investigation

Sympathy with our company’s philosophy in our employees’ satisfaction investigation

user voice

Comments we got by customer satisfaction investigations

customer’s voice

Bento manufacturer and sales maker’s planning manager

When we got into troubles, they suggested some solutions politely and warmly. Beyond our expectation!

customer’s voice

A western-style confectionery shop’s person in charge of products development

They could even advise us from a trivial conversation and considered us very much.

customer’s voice

A long-established Japanese-style confectionery shop manufacturing manager

Compared to other companies, their response is prompter.

customer’s voice

A western-style confectionery shop’s owner

I felt their passion.