This is made from Falcata, which is the fastest growing tree in the world. With its beautiful wooden texture and luxurious appearance, Ecowood is perfect for not only lunch boxes but also Japanese-style confectionary packages. We can also do custom-made.

  • Sabert

    Sabert enrich people’s eating life style. They make recyclable and compostable products such as sugarcane-derived bagasse- mold packages aiming to be an ecofriendly company. They involve from daily food packages and cutleries to the premium catering tools including wine grasses.

  • Naru-hot

    Warmer bento makes it tastier. Naru-hot is a package with heating function by pulling a string attached to make chemical reaction with coal and water. Please feel free to contact us.

  • alacrie

    Total brand of packaging materials specialized in Western confectionery. We involve variety of packaging materials from cups and films for soft or baked confectionery, boxes, lids, spoon to bags. We can also receive a custom order.

  • Duni

    Make daily food time more enjoyable. Although Duni products are paper products, they look like cloth. Duni covers lots of table setting items like napkins, table clothes and luncheon mats etc. You can easily and attractively coordinate a dining table with Duni products.

  • Green Friendly
    Green Friendly Green Friendly

    “Green Friendly” is Shingi’s private brand concerning environments. These packages are made from paper or PLA to reduce CO2 or ocean plastic problems.


    Tossware is a premium plastic glasses brand made with PET. No worries for cracking your glasses anymore as they are not made with real glass even it looks real. You can also stack it to make transportation easier and as this is made with PET, it is also recyclable. TOSSWARE can make your life happier at outdoor or home party scenes.


    WINE SKIN is a package to carry glass bottles safely without breaking it. The inside air cushion absorbs impacts and even if the bottle cracked, the bottom’s seal prevents liquid drains. Its stylish look is also appropriate for gift wrapping tools. Wineskin is already widely sold in the world.

  • Happy Wrap

    A wrapping paper for hamburgers with unique visual and multi-function.
    The saccate wrap can catch the sauce and vegetable soup without spilling. This prevents consumers’ hands from getting dirty and you can reduce the amount of use of paper napkins. Happy Wrap also makes wrapping work easier and increase work efficiency.


  • Food inspection service
    Food inspection service Food inspection service

    Shingi as a package solution company, we also provide food sanitary supervision services for safe and secure food.