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In the point of protecting customer's privacy, we recognize the importance of individual information and deal with it appropriately. We think this is our social responsibility. We promise to deal with your information according to the terms and conditions here described below.

1.The purpose of usage
We use your information only for shipping the products and asking questions and sending new products information to you. If you want to deal with us by sale on credit, we may use your information to refer credit inquiry.

2.Kinds of information we collect
For opening an account and reply to your inquiry, we collect your information such as name, address, telephone, email, company name and official position etc.

3.The way of collecting information
We collect your information mainly for event and questionnaire throughout internet or application.

4.Providing third party with your information
We won't transfer your information to any third party organization except when it is agreed or providing it according to the law.

5.Information management
All the individual information is strictly managed so as not to access with outsiders, leak and loss.

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